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Home-made with love

We already talked a bit here about giving gorgeous baby gifts, and one of our tips was to create a gorgeous home-made cot blanket. Aside from baby gifts though, as we start to get older, home-made gifts are the ones that we really appreciate the most thanks to the time, thought and effort that has gone into their creation.

If you avidly watch Kirstie’s Home-made and have dreams of creating beautiful things to wow your friends and family with, then make 2018 the year that you start getting crafty! As long as you can read instructions and use the recommended products, then anyone can learn to get it right and start giving gifts that are really going to touch your loved ones. Not exactly sure what crafty talent you could be good at though? Here are some ideas to get you started.


If you’ve always been a little bit arty and love to sketch, draw and paint, then why not turn this into making lovely personalised pictures and cards for your friends and family? It’s going to be unique, no two will be the same, and the person is going to love that you spent your time on something so thoughtful and lovely for them. For that extra touch, you can always pick up cheap frames and frame the pictures for a breath-taking present.


Most of us love sampling and savouring some home-baking, so why not make it your area of expertise to deliver lovely morsels of delight on special occasions? You can always take an icing and decorating course to really give your baked goodies the edge and to make friends and family eagerly await them on their birthdays. Keep a look out for pretty tins and storage containers so that you can really present biscuits, cakes and more with a flourish!


Even if you’ve never done it before, crochet is a really easy skill to pick up from either being shown by someone else or from following an online video. Perfect for making gifts for the home like pot holders, blankets, and cushions, once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover how relaxing it is to do in front of the TV on a quiet evening for example. And although it may take you a little while to get the tension right, once you do, your gifts are going to be really appreciated.


Got a sewing machine that you’ve only ever used to sort out the odd hem? Then it is time to start reading that manual and getting the most out of your machine. Ideal for producing unique pieces of clothing, or again for home décor, everything you create is going to be original, and you can more easily suit someone’s personal tastes.

You don’t have to be majorly talented to create delightful home-made gifts that’ll be treasured forever – just a little bit patient as you get your skills up to scratch. And soon, you’re gifts are going to be amongst their favourites!

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