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Living room overhaul – stylish themes to try

It’s a fresh New Year and a lot of us like to use this time of the year to make a few changes whether it’s to do with fitness, career, social or our home. Since the weather looks set to be pretty grim for the next couple of months still, then we think it’s the ideal time to make a few tweaks and changes within our homes, and what better place to start than the living room?

The ideal living room should be welcoming, comfy and cosy but it can all too easily become somewhat of a dumping ground with a mishmash of pieces and designs. So it is time to harmonise the look of your living room for a chilled out space you’re going to love spending time in. Lacking inspiration? Then here are our favourite interior looks to overhaul your living room with.

Grey & white

Although incredibly minimalist and chic, all white interiors are not only a nightmare to keep clean (especially if you’ve got pets and little ones!), but they can also end up feeling a little clinical and cold, and more like a showroom than your comfortable home. Counteract this whilst still enjoying a supremely stylish look by choosing a grey and white look instead. The grey adds that hint of warmth and makes the space look that bit more liveable. Grey is a big interior design trend at the moment, so you’ll easily be able to find pieces for this style and at a price to suit your budget.

Scandi chic

Cosy, natural and simplistically chic, Scandinavian design is always going to be in vogue when it comes to interiors. Think wool throws, wooden floors, hand-made cushions and cool lighting. And especially if you are on a budget then we recommend this look since you can obviously head to your nearest mega IKEA to find pieces and inspiration all at bargain basement prices! We love the blue, white and red (even yellow!) colour palette for a family friendly living room that’ll look great and won’t break the bank.

All about textures

For a really cosy space that can be as individual as you like it, then make it all about the materials and textures. For example, wooden furniture, woolly rugs, tartan blankets, pompom festooned cushions and faux-fur footstools. You can really have fun with this look and pick whatever catches your eye. This is perhaps a style more suitable for larger living rooms though to avoid having the area look a bit too overstuffed! With this type of interior style, we suggest adding to it over time to make sure you don’t go too over the top initially! This also means that you can more easily spread the costs.

So start browsing Pinterest to decide what kind of look you would like to give your living room – make sure that you love it and then start putting it together for one of your first home projects of 2018!

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